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The AUTHENTIC iPower Wristband in many cases has helped to: Increase Balance Dramatically, Boost Strength Instantly, Maximize your Endurance, Improve Flexibility, and Perfect your energy flow.



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100% surgical-grade
silicone, double-embedded ionic
programmed holograms,
hot-pressed band and
not glued

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Survival Straps

A survival bracelet is a simple way of keeping an emergency supply of paracord, a versatile material that can be used for tourniquets, lashings, shoelaces and even fishing lines...

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cPrime Bands

cPRIME Bracelets are more than energy bracelets.

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NEW iPower Bands - resizable

Colors Available: Available for sale soon

Breast Cancer awareness

Show your support for the awareness and research of breast cancer. We will donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research.

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Customized BRands

IC prides itself on being the highest quality Ion Wrist Band on the market. We will make your brand for you, just choose your own look and style.

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